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Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Loans

The Difference Between Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

Published on February 8, 2019

Knowing the difference between secured and unsecured loans is necessary to understanding how to manage your debt and prioritize your investments. No one likes the idea of dipping into their savings account, and quite frankly, sometimes the money just isn't there for things like a new car, house, furthering your education, or paying off credit card ...Continue Reading

How to Lower Student Loan Interest Rate

Why Are Your Student Loan Interest Rates So High?

Published on January 25, 2019

You know your student loan interest rate is too high ... but do you know why? Our partners at NerdWallet break down the most common reasons borrowers have high interest rates on their student loans. If you have student loans, you're on the hook for more than just what you borrow; you're also responsible for the interest. Student loan interest rat...Continue Reading

How to Get Out of Student Loan Debt Faster

Need for Speed: Get Out of Student Loan Debt Faster with Refinancing

Published on January 7, 2019

Refinancing your student loans provides many benefits, and the star is getting a lower interest rate . Ultimately, a lower interest rate is what saves you money and makes refinancing such a great option. Today, we want to focus on an often-overlooked benefit of refinancing your student loans: getting out debt faster. Options to Get Rid of Student...Continue Reading

Paying Off Student Debt Slow and Steady or Faster

Paying Off Student Debt – Slow and Steady or Full Speed Ahead?

Published on December 21, 2018

Getting out of student debt as quickly as possible is one strategy that many consider when it comes to paying off their debt. Borrowers with student debt often sacrifice building up their emergency savings or forego investing in their retirement fund to reduce their loan balance down to zero. Psychologically, debt can be seen as a roadblock to fina...Continue Reading

Managing Student Loan Debt

5 Tips for Managing Student Loan Debt

Published on November 30, 2018

In a recent study by Student Loan Hero , 61% of respondents said they fear their student loan debt worries are spiraling out of control. We know having these loans causes stress, but thankfully there are ways to manage this debt to help prevent it from taking too much control over your life. For this post, we focus specifically on tips that help in...Continue Reading

 How to Pay Off Student Loans Faster?

Paying Off Student Loans - Smarter and Faster

Published on November 21, 2018

There's no magic formula to pay off student debt, but there are several strategies you can use to save time, money, and keep yourself motivated. These strategies, paired with refinancing are a smart approach to paying off debt faster. Bi-weekly Payments A strategy popular in the mortgage industry, making bi-weekly payments can cut down on your ...Continue Reading

Five Strategies square image

5 Strategies for Paying Off Your Student Loans Faster - PenFed Student Loan Refinancing

Published on September 26, 2018

Everyone will have a different approach to pay off student debt based on their goals and personal situation. To give you a starting point, here are 5 strategies most borrowers use when refinancing their student loans. Each focuses on a different benefit of refinancing and some unique options. Remember, when you refinance multiple loans we automatic...Continue Reading