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Couples Refi

Couples that Refinance Together Save Together

Published on March 29, 2019

Student loans don't have to be a "til death do you part" relationship. PenFed has a unique solution for married couples seeking to refinance through our Spouse Loan. With the Spouse Loan, both spouses refinance their student loans together into one monthly payment, one low interest rate, and a term of your choice. Refinance student loans with spo...Continue Reading

Top 12 Student Loan Refinance Questions

Top 12 Student Loan Refinancing Questions

Published on March 22, 2019

Here are the answers to our top 12 questions on student loan refinancing. Have questions not listed here? Check our FAQs or give us a call! 1. How do I know what my interest rate will be? You can check your interest rate with our Find My Rate tool. Use this tool to see rates, your new monthly payment, and lifetime savings ... all before applyin...Continue Reading

Start Refinancing Student Loans

Stop Deliberating and Start Refinancing Student Loans

Published on March 18, 2019

With college and graduate school in the six-figure range, now is the best time to refinance your student loans. It will help you to dedicate yourself to paying the money you know you'll have to, while also allowing you to spend as little as possible. Getting a plan that's more manageable for you will help you build confidence and credit, and get yo...Continue Reading

Consolidating Student Loans With your Spouse

How to Consolidate Student Loans with a Spouse

Published on March 8, 2019

Engagement season is wrapping up, but one thing that doesn't get looped into planning your happily ever after is student loans. PenFed wants to change that conversation. Through the Spouse Loan, married couples can combine and refinance their student loans together ... one application means getting all of your loans on the same rate and term. The a...Continue Reading